Three Jaycar Torches

I have found torches purchased from Jaycar to be the best quality and useful LED small torches that I have owned lately. On the right you have a small pocket torch that has a slide-zoom head and runs on 3xAAA batteries (similar to ST3483). In the middle a more powerful equivalent with a twist zoom and the same level of battery power (ST3475).
The head torch (ST3279) is my most recent purchase and runs on the same amount of battery power. It has a slide zoom head and is waterproof. This replaces an older Jaycar head torch which had a separate battery pack mounted on the back of the head on the strap, the problem with this one was that the connecting wire broke off after several years of faithful service. There is a problem with the new headtorch and that is the red translucent band that is incorporated into the head. The LED shines through that which creates a prominent glare issue when wearing the torch on the head. So I will have to get some black paint to put over the band to block the light from going through it.