Vegas Movie Studio shines where Premiere Elements fails (Update)

Well, DVD Architect did a superb job of the DVD, incredibly simple to send the completed project from VMS to it in order to put the DVD together, especially simple with the automation of creating a menu from the markers I had previously put into the project in Vegas. It came together very quickly and just needed a little tweaking to get things exactly as I wanted them. And, still no crashes at all. What didn’t work out so well was my idea that I could burn three things at once. I am now going to set up a couple of old desktops with a burner each to enable three simultaneous burns, it is still cheaper than upgrading to the full version of Nero that supposedly can do simultaneous burning. It seems from the testing I have done that ATAPI cannot handle more than one burner process running at a time, it just seems to cause too many hiccups. Lightscribe now has competition from Labelflash, which at this time is not yet mainstream enough in NZ despite support from some bigname vendors. For example, Sony has models that do it, yet even the Sony Shop does not sell them.

UPDATE: Still no crashes in Vegas/DVD Architect yet 🙂 And I learned how to trim a clip and how to fade it out at the end. Mainly I wrote this because another solution has come up for the multi Lightscribe burn debacle. Although Nero doesn’t have a multi Lightscribe option, another vendor, Acoustica, does. Their product is called CD/DVD Label Maker and I plan on testing it out very soon. So I will have my main computer with three Lightscribe drives installed to burn all three at once, and some old desktop heap with just an ordinary burner in it to burn the video part of the DVD. I had already heard of Acoustica when we had a look at their Mixcraft audio mixing software for possible school use. Although we haven’t yet determined a requirement for that level of mixing, I was very impressed with Mixcraft’s capabilities, and like most of Acoustica’s product range, the price is very cheap for such a good software package.