This is my new blog. I’m a computer technician working in the education sector of New Zealand, and this blog will chronicle the challenges of maintaining 100+ PCs and three servers in a predominantly Windows environment.

I’m creating this blog using Windows Live Writer at home, but due to tech problems I’ll have to use the Blogger website at work. (UPDATE: WLW now functions at work as well, so I’ll use it both places) As far as WLW goes, this means living with the technical limitations of this product but it gives me a means of evaluating this product and perhaps contributing to the beta program while at the same time being able to discuss issues that arise from working in the computing industry.

So I hope you find something of interest to you, and at the same time I hope that this blog will provide me with a means of getting feedback on some of the challenges that we experience in this industry, especially those of a technical support person working in an organisation where computers are just another resource, rather than a major focus.