Windows Live Mail and Gmail

Back here I dissed WLM quite badly. Since then, WLM has had another update and is not quite so bad at handling Gmail IMAP accounts. In fact, it works better although there are still some minor issues. The big improvement over Thunderbird is that TB keeps prompting me to re-enter my password for each of my Gmail accounts, over and over, every time it checks for new messages (10 minutes). The main issue that WLM still has with Gmail IMAP is the [Gmail] and similar “pseudo folders” that it can’t quite work out how to handle, as they aren’t normal mail folders that WLM can recognise.

WLM also has a nice feature of being able to log into a Hotmail account that I have and let me see the messages for that on my desktop, without having to go to the website to log in. (Chch Polytech has switched students’ mail over to Hotmail)

Brickbat: RSS feeds still don’t update automatically. I’ve got one PC at home running XP, and one at work running Vista, and they both have this problem.