Windows Thin PC Due For Release

If you have a subscription to the Volume Licensing Service Center, you may have noticed a MAK key for Windows Thin PC lately. WTPC is the replacement for Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, and just as that was offered to NZ schools on the NZ MSA, it appears that WTPC will also be offered as part of SAB.

WTPC is a lite edition of Windows 7 and according to the FAQs it is based on Windows 7 Embedded. It will be downloadable through SA from 1 July. It would appear at this time that it could support older PCs with 512 MB of RAM and be able to be used primarily as a terminal server client. Basically this would be an alternative to installing Windows XP on those old machines. However we will have to see if a machine that doesn’t have its own Windows 7 driver could run WTPC successfully because such machines don’t have the WDDM driver that is recommended.

We do have some older PCs in classrooms that aren’t able to run Windows 7 so I expect this will be tried out to see what we can do with them in due course.