Windows Vista and Microsoft Access

When I got my work PC with Windows Vista on it, I installed it alongside my existing XP PC and kept both running. In fact I still use the XP PC occasionally, but obviously as time went on I switched as many things as possible to Vista. At the time I had one major MS Access database that I ran in XP over a network drive, and several attempts with both Access 2003 and Access 2007 to get this running on the Vista box were unsuccessful, as each time the database file would become corrupted and have to be restored from backup. (The error message typically being “Not a valid bookmark” followed by “Unrecognised database format” or similar)

I have now got the database to work satisfactorily on the Vista box by changing it over to the C drive of that PC (C:Users…Documents). It has not become corrupted since that time and being able to do this marks a major milestone in my transition to a fully functional Vista system. We can only speculate as to the cause of the corruption problems over the network connection. Long experience has taught me that some manufacturers put out buggy network card drivers; in this case I’m using an Intel NIC as those of this brand have been very reliable in the past. Another problem in the past has been network redirectors in Windows with numerous patches issued, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that turned out to be a factor, though I have yet to see any fixes from MS in these areas.

UPDATE: Microsoft announced this is fixed in SP1 of Vista. The folder-redirection is to blame for this problem.