Raspberry Pi 4 Released

Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the release of Raspberry Pi Model 4. RPi4 adds a number of new features over the Model 3, including dual HDMI 4K displays (via micro connectors), USB-C power connection, USB 3 ports on board and a choice of 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB onboard RAM. There is a new SOC as well that will be significantly faster than the 3B’s chip. Pricing for the 1 GB model should be about the same as the 3B. The capabilities of this model are not sufficiently greater than my 3B to provide me with any more versatility and I am not planning to upgrade, considering what I currently use my 3B for.
At the same time, Raspbian has been updated to Debian Buster, a week ahead of the official release. I have just flashed my 3B to use the new release of Raspbian and it works just fine.