ReinstallMyPC: Symlinking /home/patrick/Maps to /mnt/share/mainpc/maps

This week I started using serverpc to store some Qgis maps resources for NZ Rail Maps. Because everything has to work across network and local access (directly from mainpc) it means mainpc has to have a symlink created as mentioned in the title.
Using the command to do this:

ln -s /home/patrick/Maps /mnt/share/mainpc/maps

whereby maps is the name of the link that is created in /mnt/share/mainpc, to /home/patrick/Maps
Otherwise there is not portability between network and local access to resources because the paths are different (on remote computers the /mnt/share/mainpc path is always the one that the Maps folder is mapped to over a SMB network share).
So this is another task that has to be accomplished when reinstalling Linux on mainpc. As such I am now putting in a new tag, which is going to be ReinstallMyPC, and will be attached to some of the other articles, for steps to follow when reinstalling my computers.