Scanning with Linux [2]: Epson Perfection V200 Photo scanner on Debian

Last time I wrote about scanning I had done the installation on mainpc. So having a new post is because of reinstalling on mediapc and a few hiccups.
The main thing I am writing about is Epson now gives you the wrong download package for the Perfection V200 Photo scanner for Linux. If you search in their support page for V200 it comes up with Perfection V200 and gives you a page that lists a pile of download packages for Windows, Linux and Mac. The problem is there is a plugin component that is missing from that download that is needed to communicate with the scanner.
The reason I was able to install it the first time on mainpc was I downloaded VueScan and it gives a link to the correct package which can be found under the alternative name for the scanner which is GT-F670. For some strange reason known only to Epson they have a completely separate download page for GT-F670 which has its own list of packages, which includes the iscan-gt-f670-bundle-1.0.1.x64.deb.tar.gz that is what the scanner needs. Installing that package instead of the generic one from the V200 download page solved the problem. 
A support query has been lodged with Epson to see if they can address this problem but in the meantime this is how to address the problem. It may be just as applicable to another Epson model because I have found queries on the internet from other people finding similar experience with other models. They found the missing plugin package was what they needed and had to find out where they could download it from.