Webcam with Linux [1]

We need to do some livestreaming on Facebook Live for a project I am working on. Using a phone is quick and convenient, but pretty limited unless it is a selfie. So the next option is a webcam connected to a laptop and remotely located from it by a 5 metre cable which lets me put the camera just where I want. It also gives me the option of bringing in sound from another source and mixing it into the livestream.
I will be streaming to a secret Facebook group in order to test the ability of the webcam and computer combination. The computer is running Debian Buster and LXQt and will use the Google Chrome browser to run the livestream session.
So watch this space as I will report back. Currently the webcam is a Microsoft Lifecam which I happen to have lying around, but I am planning to get a Logitech C270 and do some testing with it in a couple of weeks. Right now I am hoping to test the Lifecam at the site tomorrow if I can get my act together and finish installing the laptop as well as making a pole and clamp to be able to raise the Lifecam up high for a good view. The third thing is to see if I can come up with some sort of microphone to pick up the sound as this webcam doesn’t have a mic of its own.
I hope to start writing part 2 later tonight when I have finished testing with my computer, and blog after I have tested it at site in a couple of days from now.