Enable Presentation Mode and Mobility Center on a desktop computer

Presentation Mode is something I am trying out with Windows 10 desktops that are permanently connected to a projector. Microsoft don’t seem to have got their head around the idea that people will use a desktop to do presentations, and so these capabilities are disabled by default on a desktop. But they can be enabled by adding some registry keys. Put the following lines into a .reg file and then double click to add it to the current user’s registry.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
It would be advisable to add these to the default user profile on a computer which can have a lot of users via a domain login. 
Once you have these then Mobility Center can be run from the start menu.
You can also run presentationsettings.exe directly with the /start or /stop switch to turn presentation mode on or off.
The reason I am interested in presentation mode is to see if it will stop the Windows Updates nag screens on Windows 10. We don’t want those popping up all the time in the middle of a presentation.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this has not stopped the update nags so back to the drawing board, or in this case, a Windows Updates server is the next thing to try.