Facebook food for thought

Here’s some hard thoughts about FB.

I’ve been on FB for over four months and I have chosen to have only 20 friends. These friends are real life friends. People that I meet and talk with regularly for the most part. I don’t post much on FB. I reserve it for serious stuff. I like to think through what FB is really useful for and not waste more time on it than I really need to. I’ve changed the privacy settings to very restrictive ones that hide as much personal information as possible. My FB profile won’t tell you too much about me. Not like some of my friends who tell you who they are married to and their birthdate and the names of their kids.

So here are a couple of articles on the Net to have a serious read and think about if you are a serious FB fan:

For me, I think FB is mostly about an email replacement. That’s about it for the moment. Maybe sometime later I’ll think of other ways that FB could be useful to me.