Canterbury District Health Board campaign increasing in public prominence

This post is a followup to the last two posts we wrote which were also relevant to this subject. Our post of 18th August referred specifically to the relevance of proposed health sector reforms to the overall direction of government policy, and yesterday’s one was about the need to ensure that elected representation is maintained on District Health Boards because the government has proposed removing it. This is a brief note to record that ASMS and health board staff have undertaken additional public campaigning this week and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for the Government to keep sweeping the issues under the carpet.

We’ll note here in passing that the purpose of this blog is to focus on a small number of issues rather than everything that comes along. We will pick about one issue a month and examine that in depth. This issue is one of the very important ones we feel passionate about. We have been posting a bit more lately than in the past but there won’t be lots more posts coming on the blog because we don’t have the time or inclination to write them, and neither are we inclined to seek public prominence.