Quick Reflection

Why does this blog exist? What is it for?

When this blog was set up it was suggested the blog wouldn’t write about many things. Having launched it, that has been the case. Only a few posts have been made to date.

Author/s behind this blog are deeply compassionate and deeply moved by social injustice in society. However, Author/s have launched other similar blogs in the past that quickly became all consuming and dealt with a lot more politics than was desirable. Author/s find that it is difficult to blog a lot and stay out of becoming too focused on politics. Politics is a divisive force, and Author/s circles of friends have few that are interested in political discussion hence Author/s prefer to focus on interests that engage more people and are less divisive, therefore personally more rewarding.

The main reason more posts aren’t appearing on this blog is the dilemma of attempting to find subjects that are important enough to meet a necessarily high bar and also don’t descend too much to a personal level. It’s much easier to write about the government or some other institution than flag the policies of one particular cabinet minister or MP.

Given the current situation therefore, where there is a constant tension between trying to find worthwhile topics to blog about, and refraining from making posts that are overly critical at a personal level, it’s unclear at this stage if the blog will even be able to meet a suggestion of one topic a month. The CDHB topic has been a good example. It is a topic that has is able to engage a lot of people in the community. Other topics that Author/s post about that have a political component may appear on some of the other blogs that Author/s own, if there is an overlap, and be reposted or adapted here. This is more likely to be the type of content that appears on this blog in the future rather than content being created from scratch only for this blog.