Gimp 2.99.12 beta fails to fix major undo bug from 2.99.10

Currently, the Gimp project is developing a new release, 3.0. The beta version is being produced as version 2.99 with nightly releases having odd subversions e.g. 2.99.1, 2.99.3 etc and the production releases having even subversions e.g. 2.99.0, 2.99.2 etc. The project has now released version 2.99.12. However, a major bug in the undo function that was introduced in version 2.99.10 severely limits the useful functionality of this release. This bug has not yet been addressed in 2.99.12 meaning it is not possible to upgrade to this version and use the software in any meaningful way where the undo functionality is required. In my projects, where I have to crop down to a section of the canvas and then roll back so I can go to another section and do the same thing, this is absolutely something that means the software is useless.

In this post I explained how to roll back to version 2.99.8 and this command still works. However, copying and pasting the command directly from the blog creates an error message in the flatpak package because WordPress has converted the double dash at the start of the commit command to a single long dash and an invisible character that flatpak doesn’t like. When you past this string into your command shell, go back and delete the dash character and replace it with a double dash before you press Enter so that it is properly recognised.

flatpak update –commit=3c5198b67b1163900c0b43a248495f10864300894da1047b68dc7a87ebf0fbd5 org.gimp.GIMP//beta

Obviously, I am disappointed that the Gimp project has rolled out another beta release without prioritising the fixing of this bug.